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Monterey County, Santa Clara County - AZ, CA. Occupational Safety and Health Consulting Services

We guide businesses in taking a new approach to Workplace Safety that benefits both the organization and the worker.Our Behavior Based Safety Education System encourages employees and employers at every level to take direct personal responsibility for the safety of their workers, resulting in increased productivity and decreased Workers Compensation costs.

Our Mission and Philosophy

We at California-Risk Control Services, Inc., our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective Occupational Safety and Health Consulting services that go beyond mere compliance. We believe that safety is not just a checklist of regulations to follow, but a philosophy that must be embraced by everyone in the workplace. 

We don’t just teach our clients or workers how to comply with safety regulations – we applied Behavior-Based Safety Cognitive thinking (the psychology of safety) so that workers and employers can learn Critical Thinking and take take direct-responsibility for their safety.  Our goal is to empower organizations to create a culture of safety that benefits both the organization and the worker. 

With over 25 years of combined experience in Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental and Risk Management, our team of certified instructors who are highly educated in Behavioral Science and  has a proven track record of providing effective bilingual- safety solutions that goes beyond-OSHA compliance.