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Backhoe, Bobcat, Excavators Safety Certification

Backhoe/Bobcat & compact Excavator Certification is a program designed to educate and certify individuals who operate backhoes, bobcats, and excavators in the workplace. The program covers the safe operation of backhoes, compact excavators, skid steer loaders and  compact bobcats-backhoes.

Why it's needed

Backhoes, bobcats, skid steer loaders, and excavators are essential for construction and excavation operations. However, these heavy equipment machines can be dangerous if operated incorrectly, or unsafely and can lead-to serious injuries or even fatalities. Backhoe/Bobcat/Excavator Certification is necessary to ensure the safe operation of these machines and prevent accidents.

Backhoe/Bobcat/Excavator Certification is required by OSHA. 1926.600(a)(3)(i). Employers are responsible for ensuring that their backhoe, bobcat, and excavator operators are trained and certified to operate these machines safely in accordance with OSHA standards.

Who should attend this class

Backhoe/Bobcat/Excavator, steer loaders- Certification is suitable for individuals who operate backhoes, bobcats, and excavators in the workplace, including construction workers and industrial workers. The program is also suitable for employers /Safety Managers who are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of these machines in the workplace.

How To Get Started

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